Study and Classification of the Most Consulted and Evaluated Physical Activity and Sports Science Journals at the INEF of Catalonia

Javier Olivera Betrán

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In 2006 a committee was formed to study the process of university accreditation of INEFC lecturers by the AQU Catalonia and it was found that there was a lack of an accessible, accurate and reliable list of physical activity and sports science journals. Research was undertaken to examine the level of knowledge, consultation and evaluation of journals in this field among academic staff at the INEFC and at related centres (CAR and CEARE). Information was requested from four sources: INEFC faculty (109 lecturers), professional and research staff at the CAR and CEARE (20 professionals), MEMOS master’s programme students (28 students) and the analysis of the three biggest physical education and sports libraries. The initial sample gave us 113 publications, of which we chose 64 (57%) for the mentions received, their level and their importance in the discipline. We classified them into three categories: 5 journals at the first level (A), 23 at the second level (B) and 36 at the third level (C). Of these, 13 publications are Spanish and 51 from abroad.

Keywords: aqu, Catalonia, Classification, INEFC, Journals, Physical Activity and Sports Science.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: October 01, 2011