Study about motivations to go through the Way of Saint James

Antonio Granero Gallegos

Francisco Ruiz Juan

María Elena García Montes

*Corresponding author: Antonio Granero Gallegos

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Granero Gallegos, A., Ruiz Juan, F., & García Montes, M. E. (2007). Study about motivations to go through the Way of Saint James. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 89, 88-96.



This study has been focused in knowing the motivations of the travelling current Jacobean, older than 15 that, walking or by bicycle travels along the Way of Saint James, analyzing the relationships related to the necessities of escape from the daily life and the active experience through the physical-sport activity. The investigation has been developed by means of the application of a questionnaire in a self-management way to a sample of 1.071 fellows, using the procedure of stratified sampling with proportional affixation, to select the subjects we assumed ± 3% of sample error and a level of reliable equal to 95.5%. The results have shown the adaptation of this route, traditionally travelled by religious reasons, to the contemporary time, constituting, at the present time, a scenario in which the different elements of the leisure and the physical-sport-recreational activities in the natural means are present, linked with the rural, sport tourism, of adventure or cultural, and where the fellow also looks for to move away from the urban stress.

Keywords: Leisure, Motivations, Sport and Physical Activity, Way of Saint James.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: July 1, 2007