Strategy for Methodological Training for the Direct Implementers of the “Educa a tu hijo” Programme (Cuba)

Dra. C. Delmis Coralia Leyva Carralero

Original Language Spanish



The research addresses aspects related to the training of the direct implementers of the “Educa a tu hijo” (Educate Your Child) Programme, on the grounds that there are methodological constraints which impact the performance of the people concerned. A strategy is therefore proposed for the methodological training of its direct implementers. The system of actions and operations in the strategy allows the direct implementers to be trained to provide more efficient stimulation of the psychomotor development of children aged 0-1 years and also furnishes families with better training in this regard.

The tasks envisaged in the research were performed with the contribution of the 100 direct implementers of the programme and were based on an experimental design.

The information was processed statistically. The methodology made it possible to draw up an operational definition which yielded the principle of the strategy, which is the cross-cutting central theme of the training process for the programme’s direct implementers. It constitutes the foundations of the teaching structure, which encompasses the actions designed to stimulate the psychomotor development of children aged 0-1 years, thus enhancing the theoretical concept of advanced education as an alternative educational paradigm for human improvement and the methodological aspects related to the development of psychomotor skills at preschool age.

The results obtained from the theoretical and practical validation of the proposed strategy demonstrate its relevance and potential for implementation to foster the psychomotor development of children in the first year of life.

Its main achievements are an increased knowledge and mastery of skills in implementing actions to stimulate psychomotor development. The conclusions and recommendations reflect the proposal’s feasibility and the need to continue to investigate aspects not addressed in depth to find fresh solutions to the problem. 

Keywords: Educate Your Child Programme, Psychomotor Development, Stimulation, Training; Direct Implementers.

ISSN: 2014-0983

Date read: 4 December 2017