Sport cultures and social values: an aproximation to sport’s social dimension

Ricardo Sánchez Martín

Jorge Sánchez Martín

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Sánchez Martín, R., & N Sánchez Martín, J. (2001). Sport cultures and social values: an aproximation to sport's social dimension. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 64, 33-45.



This article deals with the changes of the sports system ant its progressive complexity and personalisation in relation to the development and change of the society itself, with which it maintains a relationship of systemic isomorphism. The process of decentralisation and autonomisation of the different social subsystems, has made, of the sports system, a social institution as a key factor in the reproduction of sense and has changed into a basic semantic apparatus in the transmission of values. In fact, sport as a social mechanism the centre of expression, interpretation and shape of meanings and values of contemporary society, becomes more complicated through the distinction and individualisation of a profusion of various sports cultures which allow us to incorporate, the framework of personal symbolic universes from a universe divided into ethical and symbolic constellations where the reflexive (post-traditional) individual decides. So we pass from “we collective” to an individual “multiple and plural”. From identity to identification. From body as a destiny to “the body responsible”. The prospective of the sports system and the corporal models
associated with it, do no more than anticipate the social future of which we have feedback.

Keywords: Corporal Models, Process of Personalisation of Physical-Sporting Practices, Social Change, Social Values, Sport Cultures, Sports Prospects.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: April 01, 2001