Sport, between Local and Global: a European look?

Rui Machado Gomes

Núria Puig

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Machado Gomes, R., & Puig, N. (2009). Sport, between Local and Global: a European look?. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 97, 3-6.



The sport is a social construction that represents the ideas and the domineering values. The national states have used the sport of high competition to promote interpretations that try to demonstrate how the social life must work and impose the beginning of share and the mental categories that they contribute to the construction of the national identity. Consequently, the current crisis of the State Nation, provoked by phenomena of political and economic interdependence, has taken us to an increasing search of new identities, well at local level or on a global scale. As result, the national states are submitted at present to two types of pressures that debilitate the ancient aptitude to constitute national subjectivities. On the one hand, the supranational, economic or political processes, they turn the most important decisions away to the international organizations and to the big multinationals, turning the flow of capitals and of persons into a delocalized universe, opposite to the ancient notion of the State Nation; on the other hand, the micro cultural processes based on sub national movements or of the regions, groups, neo-tribes, families and villages are signs of a world in permanent migratory movement that searches forms of affiliation and of allegiance that flee of the ancient solidarity of the State. These neo-community logics can have territorial characteristics or be founded in transnational bases, but they question every time with more force the traditional joint between the State and Nation.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: July 01, 2009