Spanish high level tennis coaches’ perception about their permanent formation: actual situation and future perspectives

Juan Pedro Fuentes

David Sanz Rivas

Luis A. Ramos Mondéjar

Damián Iglesias

Fernando del Villar Álvarez

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Fuentes García, J. P., Sanz Rivas, D., Ramos Mondéjar, L. A., Iglesias Gallego, D., & Del Villar Álvarez, F. (2004). Spanish high level tennis coaches' perception about their permanent formation: actual situation and future perspectives. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 75, 55-63.



The present article analyzes the perception that the Spanish trainers of high competition have on its permanent formation, through the study of the opinions of expert trainers. The objectives of the study are centered in to know and to analyze the participation of the trainers in activities of permanent formation, as well as the difficulties found by the trainers to participate in the permanent formation and the alternatives that they propose. The investigation has been carried out with a sample of 20 Spanish trainers in asset that they had trained during the period 1997-1998, 1998-1999 y 1999-2000 to some player among the first 100 positions of the world ranking in the modality of singular. Regarding the methodology used for the study, to express that we have used an integrative methodology using technical quantitative and qualitative: the survey administered by means of questionnaire to complete for the own person and the interview half-structured. To say that the results of our study show the necessity to improve the activities of permanent formation, I carry to an extreme this that derives in a scarce participation of the trainers in this activities. Also, a very scarce use is observed on the part of the technicians of the theoretical means and of the use of the new technology for its formation, being centered its permanent formation, basically, to the self-analysis and activities of practical type. On the other hand, the trainers demand new formation models that are compatible with their professional obligations, seeing necessary that the professional profile of people that you/they should impart the activities of permanent formation should be more heterogeneous than that at the moment existent.

Keywords: High Competition, Permanent Formation, tennis, Trainers.

ISSN: 2014-0983

Published: January 01, 2004