Reproducibility analysis in three strength and contact platform jump test

José Luis López

Ignacio Grande Rodríguez

Marta Meana Riera

Xavier Aguado

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López Elvira, J. L., Grande Rodríguez, I., Meana Riera, M., & Aguado Jódar, X. (1999). Reproducibility analysis in three strength and contact platform jump test. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 58, 62-66.



The object of this work is to know the recurrence that is produced in measuring power in the jump test, both in the test-retest and day-by-day and in th4 use of different measuring systems (force platform and contact platform). Due to the fact that our intention was to measure recurrence, we took into account and controlled a large number of factors which in some way could influence the results. We carried out and experimental design, in which we passed, in two days with a weeks interval between, the jump tests: without countermovement (SJ), with countermovement (CMJ), and horizontal with feet together (SU) on twelve male, PE students. We proved how the recurrence in the test-retest was good in the three tests we studied (Si r=0.89 and 0.98; CMJ r=0.86 and 0.99; SLJ r=0.97 and 0.99: p<0.001); while in the day-to-day tests, although the values are also good, they are not quite so good (Si r=0.76; CMJ r=0.78; SU r=0.75: p<0.05). On the other hand, the two systems of measurement we analysed measure in a similar way, however we have found differences of up to 7 cm, so, before beginning to evaluate a sportsman longitudinally, we will have to decide on a system and continue with it to the end. To sum up, whenever one wants to measure the power of a sportsman by means of jump tests, we will have to pay special attention and control all the external factors which are liable to modification and capable, in turn, of influencing the results.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: October 01, 1999