Reliability of strength in veritcal jump and race speed tests in scholars from 6 to 8 years old

Rafael Martín-Acero 

Miguel Fernández del Olmo

José Vicente Veiga Doldán

Xosé Luis Otero Cepeda

Ferran A. Rodríguez

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Martín Acero, R., Fernández del Olmo, M., Veiga Doldán, J. V., Otero Cepeda, X. L., & Rodríguez Guisado, F. A. (2001). Reliability of strength in veritcal jump and race speed tests in scholars from 6 to 8 years old. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 63, 40-45.



he object of this study was to determine the reliability of different tests in vertical jumping and race speed in 6-8 year old children. Fifty-six students of both sexes (30 girls and 26 boys) took part, between 6 and 8 years old, chosen at random from among children of the same school, to whom we gave a series of tests of strength in vertical jumping on a contact platform (SJ, CMJ. CMJA and 1RJ) and race speed (30 m) on two occasions (T1 and T2) with a week’s test between both. We studied the recurrence between repetitions (intraindividual variability) tor each of the two sessions of valuation (Tl, T2), and the temporal variability (between Tl and T2) by means of the estimate of different statistics (co-efficient of variation, CU; coefficient of intraclass correlation, CCI, methodical error, EM) and its statistical significance. The recurrence between repetitions of the vertical jumping tests CMJ and 1RJ proved to be high (CCI 0,95) in both sessions. In the second evaluation session, also high was the recurrence of SJ while CMJA remained at unacceptable levels (CCI = 0,69-0,80). The variability between subjects was quite a lot higher than in adult PE students (CV = 8,3-11,8%) The temporal recurrence (day to day between two sessions with a week’s interval in between) of the test can be considered to be questionable in general terms, observing a high methodical error (EM = 9,9-15,1 %) and a significant worsening of the results in the second session of the jumping tests with contra movement (CMJ and CMJA) and the fast race of 30 m (pa, 05).

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: January 01, 2001