Prescription of abdominal training programs. Revision and put up to date

Francisco J. Vera-García

Manuel Monfort Pañego

Mª Ángeles Sarti Martínez

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The success of the abdominal training programs depends mainly on the number and variety of exercises, type and velocity of muscle contraction, and the intensity, volume, and frequency of training. The purpose of this work is to review these factors and provide information for prescribing abdominal training programs. Current research indicates that each session should combine various types of exercises: trunk flexion exercises to develop the rectus abdominis muscle, rotation and lateral flexion exercises to develop the oblique muscles, and stabilization exercises to improve the abdominal stabilizing function. High intensity training (free-weights, resistance machines, etc.) is recommended to increase abdominal strength, and large training volumes (15-30 repetitions per set or more) to improve abdominal endurance. Usually, three training sessions a week take place on alternate days, although two may be sufficient for conditioning the abdominal muscles in untrained individuals.

Keywords: Abdominal Muscles, Exercises, Muscular Contraction, Training frequency., Training intensity, Training Volume.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: July 01, 2005