Potential demand analysis of adventure physical activities in nature in Barcelona city

Alberto Olivera Betrán

Javier Olivera Betrán

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Olivera Betrán, A., & Olivera Betrán, J. (1998). Potential demand analysis of adventure physical activities in nature in Barcelona city. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 52, 92-103.



Open air, physical adventure activities began in the heart of the more developed countries, in the 70s. In the post-industrial societies according to the ecological paradigm and in the cultural atmosphere of postmodernism. Nowadays, this universe or practices, better known as adventure sports, has consolidated itself as a tourist-recreative alternative on the increase in times of active leisure and has also helped in the demographic and economic
recuperation of depressed areas.
Catalunya has been the leader in offering a large number of activities of this nature, and at present there exists a strong business-like structure and a growing demand. Its profile, the existing excursionist and mountain climbing traditions its mainly urban structure, and its particular cultural, social and economic configuration, have made easy the adaptation of open air, physical adventure activities (AFAN) in our community.
The present study investigates the potential demand (non-practicing) and real (users) of AFAN in Catalunya and especially in the city of Barcelona, the urban nucleus from which most practitioners come. Certain discoveries on the
Potential and real demand make us foresee a sustained increase of users who could make the existing managerial offer overflow and create certain problems of medio ambiental massification. On the other hand, the existing legal vacuum in the sphere of insurance and titles and the little regulations concerning these practices in nature, could bring future conflicts which could discredit this emerging sector

ISSN: 2014-0983

Published: April 01, 1998