Planification of technical training in competitive swimming

Dr. Joan Solé

Alfredo Joven Pérez

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Solé, J., & Joven, A. (1997). Planification of technical training in competitive swimming. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 47, 88-95.




The paper is developed in three parts. The .first is the description of a theoretical framework to organize and clarify the various stages, methods and technical contents applied in the field of competition swimming. The second part of the paper is devoted to the study of technical errors, analyzing their possible causes and their importance in respect to their repercussions for the impetus of the technical model. A methodological proposal for correcting the errors is also presented. The last part of the paper presents some guide lines for the development of an integrated training methodology based on technique, with a planning model combining and integrating training and correction of technique with the development of those energetical systems specific to swimming.

ISSN: 2014-0983

Published: January 01, 1997