OUR COVER PAGESport in the city of Barcelona seen by an ilustrator

Ramon Balius

*Corresponding author: Ramon Balius i Juli

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Balius i Juli, R. (2008). OUR COVER PAGE Sport in the city of Barcelona seen by an ilustrator. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 91, 148-150.



Since long ago, in the magazine Apunts we chose and decide Our Cover Page following the rule of dedicate the four corresponding cover pages of a year to a similar theme. This way, we have consecrated different groups of cover pages to the sports pieces of Catalan sculptors or painters, to architectonic works of Gaudí, to different aspects of the plurality of activities of Leonardo da Vinci and, during the last year we have presented four posters of the collection of Library of Sports. For the first time, Our Cover Page has been in charged to a known and prestigious illustrator who has realized an original drawing especially destined to the Monograph which we publish about “Sport in urban spaces”. With this decision we have followed the definition of the Great Catalan Enciclopedia which describes an illustrator as “that person who, based on the text of piece of work, chooses the ideal illustration to understand it or enrich it”.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: January 1, 2008