Multiple Intelligences in Sports

José Mª del Pino Medina

Emilio Gómez Milán

Sergio Moreno Ríos

Germán Gálvez García

Francisco Javier Mula Pérez

*Corresponding author: José Mª del Pino Medina

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del Pino Medina, J. M., Gómez Milán, E., Moreno Ríos, S., Gálvez García, G., & Mula Pérez, F. J. (2009). Multiple Intelligences in Sports. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 95, 5-13.



The aim of the present study, basing on the Theory of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, consists of quarrelling if a typical profile of Intelligence exists for sportsmen (women), and if in turn subprofiles can be identified depending on the sports practised modality. Defined the sportsmen profile and the modality profile, they are compared in order to contrast both. We have: 37 football players, 7 basketball player, 10 swimmers and 23 athletes collaboration, besides 20 not sports persons, that they completed the questionnaire to delimit IM’s profile. In addition, it is tried to determine if differences exist for the fact of being man or sports woman in the modalities in which we have subjects of both sexes. With the analysis, we find the existence of IM’s profile for sportsmen (women), that presents differences depending on the sports practised modality.

Keywords: Multiple Intelligences, Profile of Intelligence, Sport.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: January 01, 2009