Leornardo’s inventiveness

Ramon Balius

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In Our Cover Page we show one of Leonardo’s minor inventions, which has been interpreted as floats to walk on water. Since youth, Lenardo showed an extraordinary disposition for drawing and that aided the creation of numerous designs and inventions. His manuscripts, from which, unfortunately, only a tiny part has reached us after suffering manipulations and mutilations, are a vast encyclopedia of the knowledge of his time. It is atributed to him the fatherhood of many scientific and technical inventions, although it’s been possible to prove that many of them are, above all, improvements of extensions of already existing inventions which he knew from. Da Vinci tried to create all kinds of systems destined to wase and accelerate everyday and trivial rasks. We can say that he foresaw automatization and tried to conrete it in his designs. His capacity of production, “marketing”, and his “ego”, are reflected in the card which he wrote to the duke Ludovico (The Moor) of Milan to offer his services.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: July 01, 2005