ICT in the Learning of Physical Education by Secondary School Students in Pampas de Hospital (Peru)

Oscar Calixto La Rosa Feijoo

Original Language Spanish



This paper discusses the influence of ICT on the learning of the physical education subject by secondary school students in the Pampas de Hospital district (Tumbes). It principally examines the importance of ICT in physical education learnings, which must be acquired and internalised if they are to be applied in the course of life. The thesis was conducted using the quantitative-experimental approach, which places great stock on the use of a medium which could help to improve learning by secondary education students at the Alipio Rosales Camacho and Horacio Zeballos Gámez schools. The sample comprised two groups with similar features, the experimental group (EG) and the control group (CG), with a total of 92 students in the first year of secondary school aged 11-12 years (both groups had 46 students). A pre-test with two questionnaires was applied, one on their knowledge of ICT and the other one on their knowledge of the physical education subject, it transpiring that their level of knowledge of the research variables and the results were quite similar. This was followed by the experimental phase, which consisted of using ICT in teaching the theoretical part of each topic of the PE subject to the EG alone, after which both groups were evaluated with a post-test. The questionnaires used in the pre-test were administered for this purpose. The results obtained were very different: an improvement in the learning of ICT- and PE-related knowledge was observed in the EG compared to the CG, in which not much difference was observed. The hypothesis was tested using Student’s t-distribution. The research proves the hypothesis, as the results obtained show that using ICT in PE lessons increases learning in this subject’s topics, as endorsed by the results percentages shown.

Keywords: ICT, Learning, Physical Education.

ISSN: 2014-0983

Date read: 30 June 2016