Heart rate analysis during competiton in professional futsal players

José Carlos Barbero Álvarez

Juan Granda Vera

Víctor Manuel Soto Hermoso

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Barbero Álvarez, J. C., Granda Vera, J., & Soto Hermoso, V. M. (2004). Heart rate analysis during competiton in professional futsal players. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 77, 71-78.



In order to assesment and to analyze the evolution of the heart rate during the competition in professional soccer indoor players belonging to the equipment of Silver Division, they were registered, by using monitors of heart rate, five matches at different moments of the season, corresponding to the beginning, half and at the end of the same one. In absolute values, the FC max mediates obtained is 192.1 lpm ± 0.8, the FC average is 172.9 lpm ± 4.0, whereas the minimum FC average is 118.8 lpm ± 11.1. In relative values, derived from relate the medium heart rate to the value of individual maximum heart rate, we appreciated that the cardiac frequency average supposes the 89.5% of the maximal heart rate. The heart rate usually does not locate below 150 beats, remaining the 25.7% of the time between 150 and 170 lpm and reaching values over to 170 beats the 67.4% of the time of participation. These data behave that the 1.8% of the time are below 65% of their FC max., the 18.0% between 65% and 85% and the 80.7% of the time over 85% of its FC max. What it seems to demonstrate a powerful contribution of the anaerobic metabolism in the demands asked for by the competition to the players of this sport.

Keywords: Analysis, Competition, Frecuencia Cardíaca, Futsal, Heart Rate.

ISSN: 2014-0983

Published: July 01, 2004