From international and national sport policies to local social actions

Antonio Borgogni

*Corresponding author: Antonio Borgogni

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Borgogni, A. (2009). From international and national sport policies to local social actions. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 97, 61-69.



The efficiency of welfare policy, particularly in sports, promoted by the government of Italy since the beginning of the 1990s is closely linked to the changes which have taken place in the relation between the local administration, the State and the third sector. These changes are also related to tendencies and processes of an international nature, developed during the last decade of the last century, tending to promote citizens’ participation, attention to sustainability and to the rights of minors. At the same time, the third sector and, within it, the sports organisations dedicated to the promotion of social sport, assumes the role of spokesperson for public welfare policies thanks to the significant growth of social sport in the last few years. Finally in 2000 some laws allowed the development of decision-making processes at a local level and the funding of projects proposed by sports organisations for social cohesion. The article focuses attention on the actions arising from these political decisions, describing the case of a national project, developed in various cities through different actions and methods, with the primary participation of adolescents and young people, organised by the UISP (the Italian Union of Sport for All), the most important sports organisation in Italy.

Keywords: Participation, Social Sport, Third Sector, Well-Being.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: July 01, 2009