Exercise induced asma

Mª Gracia Ramos Zabala

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Ramos Zabala, M. G. (1997). Exercise induced asma. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 48, 76-85.



This work consists of a recession of articles and books on asthma brought on by exercise. Mainly, we worked from .five articles written in the last few years and from different books that have served as reference,
Some of the things to take into account in asthma brought on by exercise are the following: the possibility of bronchial spasms, as well as their intensity after doing an exercise, increases with the severity of the asthma, although there are indivi- duals in which physical effort is the only trigger. In top athletes, the prevalence of asthma brought on by exercise is from 3% to 10%. Each one of these situations has its own therapeutic approach.
Intense exercise causes a narrowing of the air passages in most asthmatics. Cold and dry atmospheres increase these reactions, while the inhalation of humid and warm air, prevent them. Therefore, swimming is an exercise especially recommended for asthmatics. Usually, the asthmatic reaction caused by physical exercise is prevented by the previous inhalation of a “beta-adrenergic”. Asthmatic patients, as a general rule, should not be discouraged from doing physical exercise, for a better tolerance of which a progressive increase of effort is recommended.
This recession vvill give the reader a complete information on exercise-induced asthma, as it presents all basic concepts and actualized studies on this subject.

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Published: April 01, 1997