Cultural evolution? Notes for a new way of understanding physical activity. A study in the city of Granada

Juan Palomares Cuadros

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In the study that have been analysed which are the motivations toward the practice of the recreational physical activity in the natural areas. The population of the city of Granada and metropolitan area, comparing with the tendencies that diverse authors describe for other populations. It is described which they are the tendencies of the practitioners as for the gender and age, and it is meditated about the main results of the investigation. For it was chosen it as scenario of collection of data the Periurban Park existent in the city.  The realization of investigations in this type of spaces contributes to go enlarging the concept of physical activity socially and they are indispensable for the future educational and necessary planning so that so much the public institutions as private have a mark indicative in their actions. 

Keywords: Education, Leisure, Motivations, Physical Activity.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: July 01, 2005