Contact lenses for athletes

LLuïsa Quevedo

Carme Seres i Revés

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Quevedo i Junyent, L., & Seres i Revés, C. (2007). Contact lenses for athletes. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 88, 49-53.


Following a complete optometric evaluation, the first responsibility of the sports vision specialist is to provide the ametropic athlete (myopic, hyperopic, astigmatic…) with an optimal quality of vision, either with goggles or preferably with contact lenses. We have to consider the numerous advantages that contact lenses offer to the sportsman or sportswoman, given that they not only improve performance by visual acuity and visual skills enhancement, but also help to boost the confidence level of the athlete. In the latest years, specially, contact lens industry has been experiencing a great evolution, with significant advances in contact lens materials, designs, modalities and care systems, which are evidenced into better quality of vision, comfort and security for the user. Among these, disposable contact lens (to use and to throw), are the first choice for athletes. In this line we find the Nike Max Sight Sport Tinted Contact Lenses, which can give the athlete a competitive edge.

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