Construction and validation of an intrument to evaluate rythm aspects in dance

María Jesús Cuéllar Moreno

Ana Paula Batalha

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Cuéllar Moreno, M. J., & Batalha, A. P. (2003). Construction and validation of an intrument to evaluate rythm aspects in dance. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 71, 54-60.



The search for global movement in dance appears to be associated with an understanding of a rhythmical phenomenon. The work of rhythm brings to an individual a much richer and more complete experience, in that it allows the use of perceptive motor and affective components. The elaboration of an effective instrument that allows adequate identification and introduces the problems of evaluation, results of transcendental importance, as on many occasions the qualification and conceptualisation of the student depends on the evaluation given by the teacher. Through this study we can prove that it is possible to evaluate objectively rhythmical capacity in dance. The creation of a test to evaluate this capacity hopes to become an instrument that shows the reality, the limitations and possibilities of the student in the classroom, as well as the level of learning achieved. The aim of this study has been the construction and validation of a measuring instrument to evaluate the rhythmical capacity in dance with children in junior school. For this we started with 60 original exercises (24 of clapping and 36 stamping). Two observers evaluated the rhythmical capacity of 159 subjects on two occasions. 1) before receiving any type of dance instruction and 2) after receiving a training course in this activity. Fifteen exercises were chosen (9 clapping and 6 stamping). the validation of the test constructed was satisfactory, allowing us to measure the rhythmical capacity of the student before two models of expression (transcription and reproduction). The results obtained allowed us to reach conclusions on the levels of motor execution of the student in the face of this variant.

Keywords: Dance, Evaluation Test, Metodología Observacional, Observational Procedures, Rhythm.

ISSN: 2014-0983

Published: January 01, 2003