Characterisation of Flight Time in Relation to Biomechanical Variables in the Pull at the Start of Weightlifting

Juan José Andújar Gutiérrez

José Luis López

Michel Marina

*Corresponding author: Juan José Andújar Gutiérrez

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Andújar Gutiérrez, J. J., López del Amo, J. L., & Marina Evrard, M. (2014). Characterisation of Flight Time in Relation to Biomechanical Variables in the Pull at the Start of Weightlifting. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 118, 68-78.



The purpose of this study is to describe the flight time (Ft) of the aerial phase in the snatch exercise in weightlifting. Behaviour is described based on the progressive increase in the load and in relation to biomechanical variables for the pull and its evolution in a training cycle. A maximum progressive load test with seven competition lifters (n = 7) was performed. The Musclelab and Chronojump scoring systems were used to record values for strength (S), power (P), velocity (V), peak velocity (pV) and relative height (Hrel) of the bar on the pull, together with the Ft of displacement of the lifter’s feet when entering under the bar. Moderate negative correlation (r = –0.561; p < 0.01) was observed between Ft and the maximum test load (%1RMT). No significant correlations for Ft with respect to the other variables examined were found. Ft decreased with increasing load in submaximal ranks and was random with the use of maximum loads. In a subset of the sample (n = 4) the same variables were evaluated after eight weeks. Ft, Pmax and pV seem to be sufficiently sensitive variables to monitor changes generated by training over eight weeks, although the small sample size did not make it possible to achieve significant differences. These results highlight the possibility of considering Ft and P as control measures in the training of weightlifters, preferably using submaximal loads.

Keywords: biomechanics, Flight Time, Power, snatch, weightlifting.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Received: 17 de desembre de 2013

Accepted: 27 de juny de 2014

Published: 1 d'octubre de 2014