Bussiness behaviour with matters of sport sponsorization

Otilio Gómez Parro

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Gómez Parro, O. (2004). Bussiness behaviour with matters of sport sponsorization. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 75, 64-75.



The search for a differentiating factor, in both corporate image and with respect to products and brands, has led to new forms of adverising, such as endorsements and sponsorhips. The consolidation of these forms has come principally through sporting ties. Sport as a means of advertising generates and has generated a lot of interest from a business point of view. The changes in advertising legislation, a more critical attitude from the public, along with other factors has resulted in an increase in sport-related endorsements and sponsorship. From a wide range of companies, the biggest spenders on and the most avid users of these new forms of advertising are the large corporations, which is why this study has taken 22 companies fitting this profile. The following information is the result of research, related to sport, on important questions pertaining to the management of sporting endorsements and sponsorships. This information has been given by those directly resposible for and involved in the management of sponsorships and endorsements in these types of companies, enabling us to better understand the whole concept of sport-related endorsements and sponsorsips as well as the behaviour of companies in these areas.

Keywords: Advertising, Sponsorship and Endorsements, Sport.

ISSN: 2014-0983

Published: January 01, 2004