Approach to classification and categorization Spanish scientific journals Science of Physical Activity and Sport

Javier Olivera Betrán

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Spanish physical activity and sports science scientific journals make up a universe of about fifty publications that are not sufficiently classified or categorised in their own qualitative catalogue. The need for accreditation of the research activities carried out by university lecturers and assessment of the research projects in our disciplinary field presented to national assessment and accreditation agencies has turned scientific journals in our field into an essential component in the validation, dissemination and assessment of scientific production. In the light of this situation, we have identified thirteen instruments for assessing scientific journals cited by these agencies to better understand their nature and basic features. We have drawn up a list of the 55 journals identified in our disciplinary field and we have assessed them based on their presence in the previously selected national and international databases which have been recommended by these agencies. We have included in this analysis filtering by the only study of the assessment and classification of scientific journals in this sector. Finally we have indicated the 9 journals in this field which, based on our interpretation criterion and in the light of the data studied, best meet the assessment requirements of these agencies and are well placed to obtain a significant impact factor (IF).

Keywords: ANEC, aqu, Assessment Tools, Categorisation of Journals, Classification of Journals, Cneai, humanities, Impact Factor, Physical Activity and Sports Science, Scientific Assessment, Social Sciences, Spanish Science Journals.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: July 01, 2011