Analysis of the Job Satisfaction of Paddle Tennis and Swimming Sports Instructors

Bernardino Javier Sánchez-Alcaraz

Alberto Gómez-Mármol

María Concepción Parra Meroño

Juan Antonio García Montiel

*Corresponding author: Alberto Gómez Mármol

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Sánchez-Alcaraz Martínez, B. J., Gómez Mármol, A., Parra Meroño, M. C., & García Montiel, J. A. (2014). Analysis of the Job Satisfaction of Paddle Tennis and Swimming Sports Instructors. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 117, 77-83.



The aim of this study was to assess the level of job satisfaction of paddle tennis and swimming sports instructors by sex, age, length of service, type of contract and weekly working hours. To that end the Job Satisfaction Questionnaire for Sports Instructors (CSLTD in the Spanish initialism) was administered to 125 paddle tennis and swimming instructors (78 men and 47 women) aged between 18 and 53 (M = 28.78; DT = 8.94). The results showed average job satisfaction values for all participants. The highest scores were in the category of job security and promotion, while the lowest rated dimension was pay. In addition, job satisfaction was significantly higher in women compared to men and in paddle tennis instructors versus swimming instructors. Finally, instructors on temporary contracts and who worked significantly longer hours had lower levels of job satisfaction.

Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Job Security, Promotion Opportunities, Sports Instructor Pay, Sports Job Stability, Working Conditions.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Received: August 1, 2013

Accepted: April 2, 2014

Published: July 1, 2014