LINCE PLUS: Research Software for Behavior Video Analysis

Alberto Soto

Oleguer Camerino

Xavier Iglesias

M. Teresa Anguera

Marta Castañer

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Soto, A., Camerino, O., Iglesias, X., Anguera, M. T., & Castañer, M. (2019). LINCE PLUS: Research Software for Behaviour Video Analysis. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 137, 149-153.



For many years the free LINCE software has been used by many researchers needing a tool to tag behaviors using video recordings, coding behaviors and data register. However, as a research group we envisage new challenges with regards to technology novelties, designing a new tool for the future that can be used in any type of device and closely working on line. LINCE PLUS is a free systematic observational research software that will enable including new trends such as artificial intelligence, web management, collaborative work as well as complex statistical packages, such as integrating the same R language compiler inside the application. It’s time for LINCE PLUS.

Keywords: computerized observation, multifunctional software, observable behaviors, open source, R language, statistics.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Rebut: 9 de juny de 2019

Acceptat: 24 de maig de 2019

Publicat: 1 de juliol de 2019