Teaching emotion sociology in sports

Núria Puig

Francisco Lagardera

Albert Juncà Pujol

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Puig, N., Lagardera, F., & Juncà, A. (2001). Teaching emotion sociology in sports. Apunts. Educación Física y Deportes, 64, 69-77.



The article makes a proposal about how to teach Sociology of Emotions in Sport. It begins explaining the importance of emotions in the professional world of Physical Education and Sport. The following topics are: what is an emotion from a sociological perspective, the communication of emotions, sociocultural and historical environments of emotions, emotional work, and the treatment of emotions by teaching physical education and sport. In each of these parts we are proposing pictures, examples and tables which can be used as a didactical instruments.

Keywords: emotions, Historical and Sociocultural Contexts, Sociology, Sport.

ISSN: 1577-4015

Published: April 01, 2001