Table 6

Average for elements related to the event.

Value For Money in Accommodation4.491.98
Price of Activities and Shops4.611.90
Value For Money in Catering4.841.81
Diversity of Accommodation Options4.041.92
Variety of Dining Options and Culinary Options4.381.83
Outdoor Recreational Opportunities4.601.99
Communication and Access4.961.69
Variety of Spaces For Outdoor Activities4.821.99
Variety of Water Sports and Activities3.251.96
Parking Available Close to Amenities and Entertainment Options5.111.80
Calm and Relaxed Atmosphere5.781.39
Friendly and Hospitable Residents5.601.55
Clean and Orderly Environment5.931.36
Pleasant Climate5.641.46
Uncrowded Environment5.791.46
Safe and Secure Area5.601.50
Variety of Entertainment Options3.561.89
Variety of Nightlife Options2.891.86
Variety of Cultural Events, Festivals, Fairs and Markets4.021.89
Variety of Local Shopping Options3.611.83
Distinctive Historical and Heritage Elements4.131.92
Unique Landscapes and Environmental Attractions6.051.42
Attractive Routes and Trails6.051.40
Attractive Rivers and Lakes5.631.64