Table 5

Characteristics of goalkeeper behaviours in DFHs

CriterionCategoryDFHs taken%DFHs takenGoals from DFHs %E GE%
Initial positionSquat10716.82826.273.8
Stretched out on the ground233.6834.865.2
Other 142.2426.673.4
Technical skill of the goalkeeperScreen15724.63924.875.2
Closing step22735.67231.768.3
Opening legs436.81330.269.8
Arm movement528.2917.382.7
Pulling the mitt from the stick9314.63335.564.5
Final location of the goalkeeperWithin the goalkeeper area14122.15136.263.8
Over the semicircle37759.210527.972.1
In front of the goalkeeper area11918.73327.772.3
Distance between goalkeeper and playerMore than 1.5 m40964.212430.369.7
Less than 1.5 m22835.86528.571.5
Note. DFHs taken: direct free hits taken; %DFHs taken: percentage of direct free hits taken; Goals from DFHs: goals scored from direct free hits; E%: player effectiveness percentage; GE%: goalkeeper effectiveness percentage.