Table 2

Distribution by percentages of the perception of affective items in popular unopposed cooperation motor games

Affective itemNeverSometimesMany times
I am scared91.437.144.3
I am an active child02080
I feel bodily sensations of being jittery68.5724.297.14
I am an attentive, caring person052.8647.14
I am a determined child5.7137.1557.14
I feel nervous74.2921.434.28
I feel inspired8.5758.5732.86
I am ashamed65.7132.861.43
I am a sharp, alert child2.864057.14
I am in a bad mood (get upset or irritated)82.8615.711.43
I feel proud (of something), satisfied7.1431.4361.43
I am enthusiastic (about things, people, etc.)2045.7134.29
I am angry and furious82.8615.711.43
I am a frightened boy or girl82.8615.711.43
I feel guilty84.2914.281.43
I feel I have vitality, energy1.4321.4377.14
I feel upset or annoyed74.2924.281.43
I’m an animated person, I usually get excited5.7158.5735.72
I feel tense, overwhelmed, with a sensation of stress78.5817.144.28
I’m interested in people or things4.2832.8662.86