Table 1

Descriptive statistics of the tool.

ConstructItemsAverageStd. DevFactorial Weight
Functional qualityThe personnel of the organisation is ready to help/advise.
The volunteers are friendly.5.520.91.648
The race is well promoted and publicised, providing sufficient practical information about the race.4.751.30.695
During the event, clear and precise information about the layout of the competition is given. 4.941.24.753
It was easy to register.
The results and the podium are visible to all spectators. 4.531.41.588
The race course has sufficient and appropriate refreshment points. 5.301.18.583
The runner’s goodie bag is adequate and complete. 4.381.46.537
The race has sufficient facilities (toilets, changing rooms, cloakroom, massage areas, stands, etc.).
Near the race start/finish line there are places with easy commercial accessibility (cafés, bars…).
The signposting of the event makes it easy to reach the start line. 4.981.24.693
Sufficient parking is available near the race start/finish line. 3.791.63.573
The material elements used by the event are visually attractive (banners, fences, start, finish line, route…). 4.971.09.772
The race route is well signposted and safe.
Central qualityYou have shown a high level of preparedness to carry out the race.4.371.14.793
You achieved a good result in the race based on preparation.4.691.20.857
You enjoyed running the race. 5.440.98.768
SatisfactionI made a good decision choosing this race. 5.480.93.972
It was a good decision to run the half marathon in Granada. 5.530.89.982
I am glad I signed up for this event.5.510.91.972
Intention to
take part again
I intend to continue attending more events held in Granada.5.391.049.825
I would recommend the Granada half marathon to my friends and relatives.5.57.933.919
If I had the opportunity to attend the half marathon in Granada I would do it again.5.541.021.926
ValueOverall, I think that attending the half marathon is worth the price.5.360.96—-