Table 1

Criteria that make up the Tactical Assessment Instrument for Soccer (TAIS, Barquero-Ruiz et al., 2022).

Contextual level
Successful completion of attack
Goal, out of play over goal line, action prior to corner kick or goalkeeper save
Successful completion of defence
Ball put out of play, steal, player interception or goalkeeper block
Team level
Attack type (attack phase)
Appropriate positional
Inappropriate positional
Appropriate counter-attack
Inappropriate counter-attack
Defence type (defence phase)
Defence in appropriate area 
Defence in inappropriate area 
Appropriate man defence 
Inappropriate man defence 
Appropriate depth (attack phase)
Inappropriate depth (attack phase)
Appropriate amplitude (attack phase)
Inappropriate amplitude (attack phase)
Small group level
Appropriate pass (attack phase)
Inappropriate pass (attack phase)
Support (attack phase)
Appropriate defensive help (defence phase)
Inappropriate defensive help (defence phase)
Individual level
Appropriate control (attack phase)
Inappropriate control (attack phase)
Appropriate shot (attack phase)
Inappropriate shot (attack phase)
Appropriate interception (defence phase)
Inappropriate interception (defence phase)
Appropriate entry or charge (defence phase)
Inappropriate entry or charge (defence phase)