Table 1

TPSR+GF observation system

ExpectationsObjective of sessionOBSProspects and aims of the session
Objective of taskOBTProspects and aims of the task
Objective of gamificationOBGObjectives of gamification (music/videos, decoration. etc.)
Undefined objectiveUOBNot generate session expectations or objectives
ExplanationImposition instructionsIMPWithout the possibility to include changes
SharedSHAProposals are allowed to be decided in common
DynamicsDYNGenerate emotions (curiosity), social interrelationships, etc.
OrganisationEstablishedESTSpaces and materials are mandated
Distribution of FunctionDISFunctions and roles are allocated
SuggestedSUGTeachers pose opportunities to pupil’s interventions
Task adjustmentsNegative EvaluationNEGRebuke to the students
RedirectREDCorrect student’s responses
Positive EvaulationPOSEncourage and motivate the students
ProposalsPROFormulate new options to be successful
RewardsREWOffer rewards for good task performance
Student’s responsesReproductionREPReplicate tasks or situations
UnbalancesUNBDisarranged or disordered responses (talking, distractions, etc.)
Autonomy and LeadershipAUTDrive initiatives
Self-AssessmentSASThe student evaluates their own performance
Session summaryGuided summaryGUSThe teacher summarises the session
Shared summarySHUThe students take part in the session summary
Non-existent summaryNSUThe sessions end without being summarised