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Paraules clau organitzades amb l’eina CHIP. 

CONTEXTRecerca en Psicologia/Sociologia de l’Esport Femení i Carrera Dual. 
HOWMethod: “qualitative” OR “quantitative” OR “mixed” OR “interviews” OR “focus groups” OR «questionnaires» OR «surveys» AND
ISSUESDual Career: “Dual Career*” OR “Dual-career*” OR “Dual Career athlete*” OR “Dual Career experiences” OR “Dual Career Balance” OR “Dual Career* competenc*” OR “Dual Career Develop*” OR “Dual Career Transition*” OR “Transition” OR “Dual Career Support” OR “Dual Career Assistance” OR “Career Development Gender Inequity”AND Education: “Student-athlete*” OR “College-athlete*” OR “pupil-athlete” OR “Elite Sport and Education” OR “Sport and Education” OR “Sport and university” OR “Sport and school” OR “Sport and Studies” OR “university students” OR  Work: “Employee-athlete*” OR “Sport and Work” OR “Elite sport and Employment” OR “Sport and Labor market” OR “Academic and vocational levels” AND
POPULATIONWoman: “Wom* student-athlete” OR “wom* athlete” OR “elite sport wom*” OR “Female” OR “women” OR “female soccer players” OR “Sportswomen” OR “women’s dual-careers” OR “female athletes” NOT